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  • Professionally managed oil investments that consistently outperform
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  • Active management for the same cost as a passive ETF
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We specialize in timing oil so you don't have to

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Profit from inefficiencies in the oil market like contango

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Get a fully managed account for the same cost as a passive ETF

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Hedgewise is deeply committed to providing its clients with better investments and 100% transparency. We benchmark our strategy in real-time to make it easy to see its benefits. We also offer a number of other investment products that clients can add to their mix.
Products CAGR YTD MTDVol.Max Loss
Risk Parity+11.7%13.8%6.3%11.2%-19.9%
S&P 50010.4%17.5%6.2%14.4%-55.0%
Returns are cumulative within this timeframe. All commissions and fees included.
Historical performance is based on hypothetical models which are broadly consistent with those currently being used in Hedgewise client portfolios. Models rely on publicly available prices, assume dividends are re-invested, and include an estimate for all fees and commissions. Hedgewise may occasionally update these models, and the associated data shown here, when determined to be in the best interest of its clients.

There is no guarantee any investment mix will perform in a predictable manner. Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss.

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An oil investment that outperforms.
Our strategy consistently outperforms other oil ETFs and mutual funds because of how it's built. Using a combination of fundamental analysis and sophisticated investment algorithms, we manage the swings of oil prices while maximizing your chance of gain.
Investing Intelligently
Our algorithms rely on a mixture of fundamental analysis and state-of-the-art quantitative methods to determine the best oil investment at any given time. We can go long, short, or a combination of both to drive gains even if oil prices are falling. Our goal is to profit in any market condition.
Avoiding the Pitfalls
We systematically avoid problems like oil 'contango', which has a huge negative effect on many oil ETFs, such as USO, USL, and DBO. Every month, these funds can incur related costs as high as 5%, which devastates your expected returns over time. In addition, timing the oil market on your own can be incredibly challenging. Let the experts handle it for you.
Diverisfy Your Holdings
With bonds yielding almost nothing, many investors are struggling to find a way to effectively diversify. Our oil strategy has almost no correlation to the S&P 500, and is an excellent choice to broaden your exposure outside of stocks. Make your portfolio more resilient by building in multiple independent, uncorrelated sources of return such as this one.
Managed Account Structure
We manage your investments for you directly in your brokerage account, which is fully SIPC insured and 100% transparent. Our custodian, Interactive Brokers, is consistently one of the top-rated brokerages in the country and provides access to best-in-class execution. You simply give Hedgewise permission to make trades on your behalf, and we take care of the rest.
Lower Cost
We charge a flat annual fee as low as 0.5%. Hedgewise pays for all trading commissions, and there are no performance fees, sign-up fees, termination fees, monthly minimum fees, or IRA maintenance fees. We also automatically include tax-loss harvesting services when appropriate. It's simply a better product, and we're confident that you'll agree.
Higher Returns. Proven Results.
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